Hello there! I'm Priyadarshini, the face behind Anthea Designs. I am an illustrator and pattern designer living in a small town in South India with my husband, two little girls, and six dogs. Though I've always enjoyed painting, I was told that art could never be a reaI career. I ended up pursuing postgraduate degrees in English Literature and Journalism, only to circle back to art years later.
A chance encounter with a surface pattern design class when I was on my maternity break, and there was no looking back! I draw inspiration from my little garden and my extensive collection of gorgeous sarees.
​I enjoy working digitally and with colored pencils. My designs have a modern-vintage, sometimes retro vibe, and I have a special love for botanical themes.

Clients include:
TJX, Hobby Lobby, Millie Loves Lily, Little Miss Marmalade, QT Fabrics
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